Keynote Speakers


Ryan Bomberger- The Radiance Foundation

Ryan Scott Bomberger co-founded The Radiance Foundation to research and creatively present pressing social issues and how they relate to the intrinsic value of every human life. His work has led him across the globe, giving presentations. He incorporates his personal testimony of being conceived in rape and adopted into a multiracial family of ten children to share his message of the innate purpose of every human life, while also incorporating pressing life issues involving justice. His talents as a singer, speaker, and author of Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong, allow him to uniquely and passionately encourage a culture that values life in all of its stages. He will be presenting a keynote on the social injustices of abortion and a breakout session on Adopted and Loved.

The Culture Project Toledo Team

The Culture Project is an initiative of young people intent on restoring the culture through the experience of virtue. We proclaim the dignity of the human person and the richness of living sexual integrity, inviting our culture to become fully alive. We welcome the Culture Project’s  Toledo Team, Nathan Maurer, Emily Liuzza, Jackie Zucco, Lauren Roach and Phil Tran to Detroit to address these important topics in seperate girl-guy sessions to close the day.

Apologetics – Christen and Trevor Pollo, Rebecca Cooper

Christen and Trevor Pollo pictured above.

Christen Pollo

Christen dedicated her life to ending abortion when she was just a high school student. Her passion led her to co-found Jackson, MI Students for Life and Students for Life at Eastern Michigan University. She has interned for several national pro-life organizations and also worked in politics before becoming a pro-life missionary. As the Executive Director of Students for Life of Michigan, Christen has started dozens of pro-life student groups, trained thousands of students in pro-life advocacy, and has recruited countless individuals for the pro-life movement. We look forward to her break-out apologetics session to equip students to speak up for life.

Trevor Pollo

Trevor has a proven ability to coach and develop leadership with his excellent motivational and communication skills, having a BA in Political Science and Pre-law from MSU and an MA in Organizational Leadership that he now employs at Jackson. He is highly creative, and experienced in giving, dynamic, entertaining talks and engaging teenagers on defending their pro-life position against abortion, often appearing with his wife Christen on campuses giving students a chance to “Stump the Pro Lifer”. His Apologetics session will help students to gain valuable skills for discussion on the intrinsic value of human life.

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca is a talented College Senior and President of Students for Life at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids where she is majoring in Ministry and minoring in Bible and Nonprofit Administration.  She has honed her communication skills in public speaking, winning First Place in both the Gaylord Right to Life Oratory contest in 2013 and the Flint contest in 2016, as well as achieving guest speaker status at Legislative day in Lansing and the Religious Freedom Rally in Grand Rapids, speaking on her pro-life convictions and  the importance of youth in the pro-life movement.  She leads an Apologetics Break out to help students build their communication skills for these important and difficult conversations with peers, in defense of the dignity of life.

Edmund Miller- Guadalupe Workers

Edmund Miller, a graduate from Marquette University with a Master’s in American Literature, presently teaches at Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, MI. He is co-founder and president of Guadalupe Workers, a sidewalk counseling ministry operating in the heart of Detroit. He has been consistently active in the prolife movement, primarily as a sidewalk counselor, since 1987. Married to Monica Miller, who holds a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and is director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. They have three adult children, Bernadette, Patrick and Joseph. Mr. Miller will be one of the Apologetics break-out presenters bringing his unique counseling skills of meeting women where they are at to help students learn words to use in helping others see the value of choosing life.

Christina LoPiccolo- Mother and Unborn Baby Care

Christina Lo Piccolo is a young adult with a deep passion for the pro-life movement and grounded in the Catholic faith with the belief that life is precious from the moment of conception until natural death. She has worked diligently in the  community to provide alternative resources and services to women facing crisis pregnancies. Ms. Lo Piccolo feels strongly that women who are empowered to choose life can be successful if given the proper support and encouragement. She is currently working for a ministry in Southfield called Mother and Unborn Baby Care that directly serves women in the Detroit area who are vulnerable to abortion. Chrisitina Lo Piccolo believes strongly that this generation is the generation that will abolish abortion, and she is encouraged by other young adults and teenagers who are willing to join this movement. She leads an apologetics break-out preparing students to offer their peers life-affirming words and resources



Dr Christina Francis- American Association of Prolife Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Dr. Christina Francis is a board-certified OB/GYN and is the president of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a board member of Indiana Right to Life. She has always had a passion for human rights, spending a significant portion of the past 10 years in various countries working tirelessly on behalf of women and children. Dr. Francis spent time working with orphans in Romania and Burma, discussing the importance of life issues with university students in Israel, and working for three years as the only OB/GYN at a mission hospital in rural Kenya. Dr. Francis will be giving a breakout session discussing how abortion affects women’s mental and physical health along with practicing medicine with pro-life convictions.! Dr. Francis is going to discuss how we all should implement Christian values, despite opposition, into our work everyday – especially in the medical field. Dr. Francis will be offering us her medical expertise and pro-life reasoning addressing also women’s health and abortion in “Speaking of Women’s Health”. Her knowledge will allow students who care about the sanctity of ALL life a plan to pursue a medical career.  

Amy McInerny – Human Life Action

Amy McInerny  is the Executive Director of Human Life Action. She holds a law degree from the Columbus School of Law of the Catholic University of America Law School as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University. She lives in Dumfries, Virginia with her husband Daniel and their three children.  Prior to joining Human Life Action Mrs. McInerny helped to found a crisis pregnancy center and maternity home in Washington, D.C. She also served as Director of the Respect Life Program for the USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities. Later Mrs. McInerny worked with an abortion-malpractice law firm which sought to recover damages for women injured by abortion. That experience led her to found Women’s Injury Network, Inc. a not-for-profit organization designed to support abortion-injured women as they pursued justice through the court system. Students who attend Mrs. McInerny’s “Together We Will be Heard” Break-out will learn how to have a role in legislative action that helps create and pass laws upholding the dignity of all life.

Cherie Sammis- Ascension Health

Cherie Sammis currently serves as the Director of Ethics Integration for Ascension Health’s Michigan Chapter.  In her position at the world’s largest Catholic health system, she is responsible for the overall planning, operation, and evaluation of clinical and organizational ethics education, training, consultation, and integration throughout the state.  She previously served as a clinical expert and advisor for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops concerning Human Trafficking, after she first encountered the problem while working as a nurse practitioner in Washington, DC.  She will be using this hands-on experience to better inform us about human trafficking: what it is and how it affects people.  Cherie also has spoken as a guest lecturer in regional and national forums of government, hospital and national health systems, physician and nursing organizations, and non-governmental organizations to promote community awareness and identification of human trafficking victims in healthcare settings. The faces of victims of human trafficking are amongst us, the young, the old, men, women and children, even the unborn from all walks of life in small and large rural and urban communities. Listen and learn in Cherie’s ”See Something, Say Something” break-out about this issue and what you and your family can do to help eradicate this evil in our world.


Archdiocese of Detroit

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Forty Days for Life

Mission Youth Detroit

Rachel’s Vineyard

Spiritual Adoption

Students for Life of America